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New tiny animals, embroidered by Chloe Giordano

The talented British needlewoman Chloe Giordano continues to embroider tiny animals, conquering the hearts of fans of her talent! Her embroidery is characterized with such care and detail that creates a feeling that the animals are about to jump off right from the canvas! We

enjoy sitting in these toilets 15

Stunning views, which you can enjoy sitting in these toilets

Typically, a conventional toilet looks like a tiny room, in which the only passtime can be, “try to count the number of scratches on the door” or an attempt to finally study the composition of the air freshener. Today we want to show you the


The walls that cause dizziness

Peter Kogler, the world-famous Austrian artist, who lives and works in Vienna, mesmerized the world with his latest installations in art gallery ING Art Center in Brussels.


A man built a home aquarium

A guy Eli Fruchter Israel has built at home a fabulous aquarium with sea water. It accommodates 30 000 liters of water, and is sized so that the man can dive into it. Every day he pours 1,000 liters of fresh water so fish and


You have to see these DIY food carving projects!

Since the carving of various food,  but mostly vegetables and fruits, became a well known and well liked internet fad, many a people have tried to replicate it or even create their own unique little art projects. Whether you are looking for inspiration or have