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Cardboard toilet for your office

All office workers know perfectly well, time is very important, when you have to pass your report on time. No phones calls, no trips to the store, and no chitchat. But like it or not you have to go to the toilet.It is for these


Fat tigers in a Chinese zoo

Images of some seriously chubby tigers at the Siberian Tiger Park outside of Harbin have gone viral on Chinese social media.Photos of the chubby big cats chilling out in their enclosures are being shared on Chinese social media, with netizens saying: “Admit it, this is


The Chinese University established female urinals to conserve water

In one of the universities in Xi’an city in the women’s restroom urinals are installed. Females using the system are given funnels made from paper to help them use the urinals, which are placed inside pink cubicles. According to the university administration, it will help


If the car had a fuselage, it would go faster?

One man at the dump found quite amusing attempt of a self-proclaimed designer to make the already fast sports car Chevrolet Corvette even faster. For this, he used single fuselage of the aircraft. Do you think that after the car was flying?


Thorns does not work at all against cats

Brilliant invention of Japanese scientists – thorns against cats. When it became clear that it was completely useless product, they started to create different variations of the device. But cats do not care.


A stubborn mom stunned passerbys on the street when she did THIS

A weird and unusual sight was witnessed in Chinese province Sichuan- a stubborn and savvy mom pushing an electric car while her husband pushed the stroller besides her! The husband is said to have offered to call a tow truck, but the woman vehemently refused and started